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Na mestu gde se simbolički spajaju ulice Nemanjina i Karađorđeva danas, stoji delo posvećeno velikom županu i rodonačelniku loze Nemanjića - Stefanu Nemanji. Ovaj veličanstveni spomenik delo je ruskog skulptora Aleksandra Julijanoviča Rukavišnjikova, a uz vodiče Muzeja grada Beograda saznajte o njegovoj simbolici i zanimljivim detaljima kojima spomenik obiluje. Uživajte na novom Savskom trgu, mestu novih i značajnih susreta.

, Beograd

Ivo Andrić’s Memorial Museum was established in 1976, at Andrićev venac 8, where the writer had lived with his wife Milica Babić since 1958. The authentic setting and apperance of the entrance hall, drawing room, and Andrić’s study has been preserved. A permanent museum exhibition had been set up in the adapted space, and it chronologically follows life and work of the Nobel’s Prize laureate. The original museum materials from Andrić’s Legacy are included, such as photographs, documents, artistic and personal objects, books and magazines, and decorations.

Konak kneginje Ljubice, Legat ikona Sekulić i muzej Paje Jovanovića

Muzej Ive Andrića i Muzej Jovana Cvijića

11000, Beograd

The Residence of Princess Ljubica is one of a few buildings which had survived from the first reign of Prince Miloš Obrenović. It was built between 1829 and 1831, in accordance with the plan designed by Hadži Nikola Živković’s and under his supervision. Hadži Nikola Živković was the Prince’s official architect. The Residence’s function had been intended as a luxurious court of the Serbian ruling dynasty, i.e. the Obrenović dynasty. However, as it was located in the immediate vicinity of the Ottoman Turks, Prince Miloš stayed there only occasionally. The Residence’s function had served its original purpose during the first reign of Prince Mihailo (1839–42), when it was used as the Prince's residence.

11000, Beograd

Professor Miloje Vasić had started exploration of Vinča, and he has done archeological digging at the site between 1908-1934, which is still ongoing today, with some discontinuations in the mean time. Findings from the digging site are kept at the National Museum in Belgrade, while smaller portion of the findings is kept in Archeological Collection of Belgrade Philosophy Faculty.

Zbirku ikona Sekulić
, Beograd

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